"Always do right.
This will gratify some people and
  astonish the rest."
— Mark Twain —

By always doing right, we have proven ourselves as a valuable, reliable resource to our licensors, brokers, customers, and partners. And, guess what? We"re always striving to do better.

Trusted Partner

CFA's various products and brands have become a staple for mass merchants, large retail chains, and independent grocers across the Southeast. As part of Choice Food Group, CFA offers prepared foods and refrigerated entrees and sides in a wide range of retail packaging formats.

Brand Development

When you're up against large competitors with deep pockets, you have to get creative—leverage every resource to the fullest. We believe that strong, well-managed brands add value, create differentiation, drive growth, and ultimately keep a business viable.

Using a turnkey approach, we develop new food brands and breathe new life into existing ones. We can reach new channels and segments, identify suitable licensing and co-branding partnerships, revamp a line through packaging, or create a brand from the ground up.

Marketing and Analytics

At CFA, we are people in the food business who just happen to know a thing or two about marketing. And although marketing can be a great deal of fun, we take it very seriously. Why? Because the right market intelligence, used correctly, can make the difference between a wildly successful product launch and a regrettable business decision.

We use a highly specialized marketing database to validate all decisions regarding product development, targeting, distribution, and support. This subscription-based tool is typically employed by larger consumer goods manufacturers and major retail chains. This and other analytical methods allow us to understand the consumer, category, and competition for each one of our brands. We can gauge a new product's potential by geography, and even at chain and store level, long before the first batch enters production. We can also optimize our distribution targets and media buys to ensure we are putting our best foot forward--reaching the right customers and achieving the highest return on our investment.

Our company also functions as a full-service marketing arm, managing every aspect of a brand's lifecycle from identity and packaging design all the way through to point of purchase. And that's not all. We target consumers directly using non-traditional marketing tactics, including event and entertainment sponsorships, creative packaging, and social media.

Sales and Merchandising

In the food retailing industry—as in life—experience and relationships can make all the difference. After all, it's our valuable relationships that allow us to level the competitive playing field. CFA works with an experienced sales and field merchandising team, along with an extensive broker network in the grocery, club, mass, and extreme-value channels.

This is how we keep our proverbial ear to the ground, always responsive to the needs of the trade as well as the ever-changing preferences of our consumer. Our field team also provides outstanding in-store merchandising support within each of our core distribution markets.